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THERESA RHOSE ® Originally of Greek nationality, born, raised and discovered in Canada by The Canadian Models and Talent Convention ™ (CMTC) was discovered and represented by The Grace Del Marco Agency in New York City and sponsored by the American Federation of Musicians of The United States and Canada alongside the legendary Bert Padell whom represented artists such as; Britney Spears, Alicia Keys and the legendary Marilyn Monroe. After becoming a demo singer for Whitney Houston, she was discovered by Clive Davis and became a writer for Sony Music Group working on several catalogs, one of which, became her 1st American studio album.


​​In 2011 after the death of her manager Frank Dileo instead of returning to Clive Davis for artist representation, Theresa took a break from the music industry, leaving her 1st studio album behind. During that time, finding out that she too was battling a deadly tragedy of her own, cancer. Life took a very difficult turn for this rising star. ​​


During her 3X battle with Ovarian Cancer, Theresa flipped the script by starting her own record label in order to stay busy and positive throughout a beyond challenging time. "I remember going from my bed to the booth and composing whatever I could just to keep my spirits up. I began pouring out my fears, tears and hopes through music. Music was no longer just music to me anymore. It became a form of healing!"


​​Join her family and close friends alongside some of the greats who supported this artist such as the legendary Whitney Houston, Ashford and Simpson, The Sugarhill Gang, Ray Goodman and Brown and Barnev Valsaint of Celine Dion. Be a part of a journey that proves that you too can rise out of your most difficult storms by focusing on your passions and believing in yourself again through your purpose, hope, love and light. A place where nothing is impossible and you, are the walking miracle!

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“For One or a million, I do it for that, ONE. Because you too can rise above anything! Sincerely, Theresa Rhose



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